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Ken Block

09 November 2012 - 15:00

Ken Block: quite a lot on fire

Yes, we're constantly banging on about driving whilst on fire here at Top Gear, but it appears our good friend Ken Block took our mantra a little too literally.

Because at a recent global rally cross race at SEMA, Mr Block's Ford Fiesta ‘Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle' actually caught fire. Mid race.

Block qualified first, won each of his heats and was leading the first five laps at the event, but it was during those first five laps that he began to notice smoke coming from the ECU. Undeterred, our sideways hero continued leading, until a little bit of fire broke out.

Even this didn't stop Ken, who drove on despite his car literally being on fire. Only when the flames began licking his legs and, we imagine, causing some discomfort to his gentleman vegetables, did he decide to call it a day and pull over, just after TG USA host Tanner Foust overtook him.

Luckily, Mr Block escaped without harm. Have a watch of the video below and then ask yourself: at what point would you have called it a day?

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