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Lambo Aventador SV: would be amazing

09 May 2011 - 00:00

Aventador SV: would be amazing

Let's be abundantly, lawsuit-avoidingly clear: this is not the official Aventador Super Veloce. These pictures are not the work of Lamborghini.
The pictures are the work of TopGear - or, more specifically, TopGear's ace render-meister Dougie Wood - and we would hate for Lamborghini's legal department to believe otherwise, or to think we're anything but monumentally overexcited about the 515kW ‘standard' Aventador.
But the thinking went something like this: a few dissenting voices have suggested that the Aventador - Lamborghini's long-awaited Murcielago replacement - is a bit too... smooth for a big V12 Lambo. Not pointy enough. Not angry enough.
And Lamborghini has a stellar history of producing sofa-chewingly mental ‘Super Veloce' special editions of its V12 supercars: 1995's Diablo SV sported a rear spoiler that frequently decapitated low-flying eagles, while 2009's Murcielago SV... well, this video probably explains things quite nicely.
This allows us to posit a couple of predictions. First, that an Aventador SV - should Lambo be even considering such a thing - will be many years away. Second, it'd be hellish quick. And expensive.
The first Murcielago, released back in 2001, packed a piffling 425kW and cost $550,000. The run-out SV sported a far healthier 515kW and cost $755,000.
So, using the miracle of maths, we can speculate that our Aventador SV - our fictitious, made-up Aventador SV - would produce a pleasing 588kW and cost a fraction under $1 million.
Mere speculation, of course. Idle, unfounded rumour. But, while we're in speculative mood, would you make any alterations to our Aventador SV? Gun turrets? Fuel-saving wheel covers? We've got a few years to refine the pitch...

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