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Lamborghini Urus

22 April 2012 - 13:00

Lamborghini’s new SUV: this is the Urus


Will they? Won't they? Oh God, how could they? The rumours that supercar stalwarts Lamborghini were about to unveil a... Pause to spit the term out... SUV, proved to be entirely founded overnight when the Urus was revealed to a slavering media pack in Beijing.

Twas the night before Beijing Auto Show and all through the giant Water Cube that hosted the swimming in 2008's Olympics, the media were all a twitter at the possibility of a Lambo truck with a very silly name. Finally, amid Cirque de silliness on a grand scale (see video below), a red, hulking beast appeared. And it was... quite good, actually.

See more pics of the Lamborghini Urus SUV

Standing just 1.66m high, it's a low slung beast, for an SUV, the Large Lambo, and the Italians have worked their design magic on it. While the pictures here might assail your eyes, in the flesh it looks damn near dominatrix tough, and the interior is fantastic. The whole thing is mad, clearly, but in a good way.

But what about the name? Lambo spinsters say it comes from the ancestor of all fighting bulls, but we think it just sounds more balls than bulls. It's too close to uterus. Funnily enough, it sounds okay with an Italian accent "ooh russ". Russell Crowe should buy one for his wife.

Lambo promises the Urus will have class-leading handling, loads of carbon goodness, so it will weigh 100kg less than anything comparable and have best on ground CO2 figured, and, of course, loads of grunt. Try 440kW from a screaming V10. The soccer run will be over in no time.

The Urus is, of course, a concept only, according to Lambo boss Stephan Winkelmann, but in the next sentence he mentions that it would/could sell 3000 units a year. It could do that much in China alone, frankly, and that kind of growth would double the company's sales, and allow it to keep making real supercars. It's the Porsche Cayenne argument all over again.

Yet another mad Cayenne, the GTS, was also unveiled the night before the show, as part of a giant VW group function. Volkswagen has its giant hooks into China and is now the biggest motoring group in this giant country. Sales are up 15 per cent already this year and the giant carmaker is on track to sell as many as 2.5 million cars this year, just in China.

The boom just keeps booming in China, which is now the number one sales market in the world for Bentley, of call countries. It unveiled the new Continental V8, with much trumpeting of its fabulous fuel figures and 850km per tank range. Oh, and its 303km/h top speed, which will deliver a range of 85km.

Big daddy company Volkswagen was pushing its E Bugster, a very cool looking electric speedster version of the Beetle, which it claims is a sports car, which would be fine, it sure looks like one, except that it takes 10.9 seconds to get to 100km/h.

More news from the Beijing show to come

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