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14 June 2014 - 00:00

TopGear's going to Le Mans

TopGear is on its way to Le Mans 2014. This year’s ‘round-the clock sports car marathon is looking like a classic, with Audi aiming to hold off a marauding throng of contenders, keen to knock it off its previously comfy 24 hour winning perch. Including ‘our’ Mark in the Porsche 919 (pronounced nine nineteen, ‘cause he told us) and Toyota’s in-form, race winning, TS040.

We’re blogging our trip to the event, and highlights across the 24 hours of the race (that’s four Bathurst 1000s remember!), bringing you the people, places and significant happenings.

We’ve scored an Audi SQ5 for a fast blast from Munich to Le Mans, via Luxembourg, and Day 1 is done and dusted.

Why an Audi SQ5? Well, Audi invited us to attend, and the SQ5 is powered by a V6 turbo diesel, just like its R18 racer cousin. OK, the R18’s a hybrid, and it has lasers. But the link’s there, and we’re running with it.

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