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23 February 2011 - 07:00

Mad Max: the next generation

Rumours about the return of one of Australia's endearing movie heroes, Max Rockatansky - Mad Max to you and I - are as plentiful as the ones about Lady Gaga's... erm... next local tour.

In fact, filming was set to begin last year on the fourth instalment, but the weather gods have had the last laugh, ensuring many of the outback NSW locations are lush and green, rather than barren and desolate.

No matter - we hatched an idea here at TG HQ, and unusually, it was a pretty good one. And it stuck. What would Max's next car look like? How would it be powered? What kind of terrain would it need to cover?

We even started to sketch up some ideas, before we realised a classroom of five-year-olds knew more about drawing than we did. So we turned to the experts; the design team at Ford Australia.

The amazingly talented team there knocked up a few roughies for us, and then a bigwig saw the pics. and instead of firing the lot of 'em, he is taking a few to the States, to see if Ford will actually make one...

We've narrowed it down to two;

First up is Simon Brook's FG-inspired future racer, and

Second is Nima Nourian's taser-equipped speed machine.


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