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Nissan Esflow

09 February 2011 - 16:10

Nissan announces electric sports car

This is the Nissan Esflow concept car, and it was built to slap you in the face.

That is of course, if that face spouted words like ‘zero emissions come at the expense of sportiness': a misconception the Esflow wishes to remedy via electricity and slideyness.

The rear-wheel-drive, two-seat coupe features an aluminium chassis with two electric motors mounted above the rear axle ‘in a mid-ship position', to better deal with weight distribution.

See more pics of the Nissan Esflow concept

Using the same technology found in the Leaf hatchback (laminated lithium-ion batteries), Nissan reckons the Esflow hits 100km/h in under five seconds and can travel more than 220km on a single charge. All while gently caressing the shell of a rare South American sea turtle.

Plus, those looks echo Nissan GT-R/370Z and together make a compelling package.

Nissan hopes Esflow owners ‘will feel the car to be an extension of their bodies, reacting to their slightest whim'. With that long bonnet stretching ahead of you, we're not sure about the psychological implications. Imagine spotting a pretty young thing striding down the pavement and suddenly ‘reacting'...

It'll hit the Geneva show floor, where we'll be scurrying around like angry ferrets to bring you More.


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