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16 May 2014 - 00:00

What's it like to spin a 970kW Porsche at 275km/h?

Hopefully, you'll never have to experience spinning a 970kW twin-turbocharged 996 Porsche 911 at 275km/h. But thanks to Texas bloke Kong Chang, you don't need to, because he's done it for you.

Chang, who is inevitably nicknamed King Kong, was experimenting with the high-boost setup on his car - which is so powerful the dyno ran out of numbers - at the Texas Invitational high-speed trials. Which is, of course, an invite-only high-speed event held on an old runway in Texas.

But at 275km/h (or 170mph, in 'Merican-speak) one of the tyres blows out, and Chang spins 180 degrees right, then 180 degrees left. Chang says: "It spun real fast. I was heading for the grass and I was like 'dude, I'm not gonna hit that grass. I'm gonna flip.' So I tried to control it. It was a helluva ride."

The car only suffered minor bodywork damage, and Chang was unharmed. We doubt we can say the same of his underwear.

If you want to see more on the car and the aftermath, watch the entire video from 1320 Video here.

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