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07 September 2010 - 00:00

Rice fried by angry Jaguar

What's the value of a comment?

It's a question that some of the world's top media thinkers have pondered for decades, but Aussie swimmer and pin-up girl Stephanie Rice may have stumbled across the answer.

$105,990. Or more specifically, a car.

Following some rather 'spirited' (see: offensive) remarks made by the star on her Twitter feed over the weekend (whether or not it was about the Springboks is irrelevant), Stephanie's major sponsor Jaguar has demanded she hand back the keys to her XF publicity car. Ouch.

Of course, while Jag may be cringing at its brand being brought into disrepute by Rice's comments, there'd have to be a few brands that would kill for ANY publicity, good, bad or indifferent.

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What do you think? Any brands you can think of that have proven to be publicity hounds? Your comments, please.

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