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Stig: not at the Superbowl

09 February 2010 - 11:00

Stig: not at the Super Bowl

It was Super Bowl time last weekend in the States, which usually results in some cool car adverts finding their way onto YouTube for us to laugh at.

But not this year. Even Audi, with the beginnings of a reputation for good Bowl ads, disappointed with the slightly try-hard Green Police effort (pictured above).

VW set up a cameo appearance from Stevie Wonder to support a campaign that encourages people to punch each other every time they see a Volkswagen, while Kia managed a mildly comical effort extolling the virtues of the Sorento using a collection of socially suppressed children's toys.

Hyundai, meanwhile, tried some forgetful films vaguely reminiscent of Honda ads of old, but without any of the cleverness. Actually, even Honda's effort was fairly yawn-worthy.

The only smile raised came from Dodge, using some light, predictable humour to empower blokes with the freedom to buy a Charger.

That, and Google accidentally referencing the Stig in its campaign - watch the embedded clip below, keeping an eye on the suggested searches at around 30 seconds. Still hard to believe the most-searched ‘who is...' phrase on the planet relates to our tame racing driver...

Google/Stig (keep an eye at 30sec):

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