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21 July 2010 - 11:00

Scream if you wanna… get out and vomit

Putting a Screamy Person in the passenger seat of a fast car never fails to be entertaining.

Particularly when - with the greatest respect to The Great Clarkson and his sideways skills - that driver happens to be an X Games rally pilot like, ooh, say... Subaru works driver Dave Mirra.

To promote, erm, something or other - the launch of the Impreza STI in the States, we think - Subaru has released a bunch of short clips featuring Mr Mirra taking members of the unsuspecting public for a slidey hoon around a Gymkhana-style rally course.

There are five videos in total, which you can watch here, here, here and here... but our favourite is the clip below.

No reason in particular... they're just a lovely pair, aren't they? Mirra and his passenger, we mean. Ahem.


Subaru's clip has also reminded us of this classic slice of scream-based excellence from Riccardo Patrese and his wife in a Civic Type R. Add your shriekiest ride-along clips in the comment boxes below... 

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