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12 March 2009 - 00:00

Clarkson hearts small cars

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Shock news: Clarkson has admitted that small, economical cars are actually better fun than big, lairy powerful ones.

It’s true. In his column in Top Gear magazine JC writes: “In the real world, away from the wide open spaces of the TG test track, a Fiat 500 is much more fun to drive than a Zonda. A Zonda will pull more men, but on a bumpy B road, you’ll be wearing a bigger smile in the Fiat, I promise. Or a Mini…”

He’s not ill or anything, honest. Truth is, it’s a great time in history for tiny, great-handling cars. Cars that won’t blow your budget, hobble you with eye-watering running costs or force you to remortgage your kidneys to raise some capital if someone bumps into you in the local supermarket.

To remind you of all the good stuff out there, we’ve collected together the best little cars on sale today (and one or two ropey ones, just to be on the safe side) served them the honest reviews we're famous for, and metaphorically glued them all together in a lovely click-through gallery.        

It’s definitely much more exciting than that Zonda R. Honest.

See TG's Guide to Small Cars gallery.

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