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21 June 2010 - 08:00

Meet the TGATV boys

Shane Jacobson (centre of pic) is best known for his popular television and film roles, but there is another side to him that fans may not be aware of. He has a passion for cars, motorbikes and amateur-level racing, and a licence for just about everything: cars, buses, motorbikes, semi-trailers, forklifts, scissor lifts and boom lifts, as well as jet skis and boats.

He also has a car collection that includes a HJ Kingswood, a HQ ute and an EH Holden. So does this make him a true-blue Holden man?

"No, I like both Holdens and Fords, and time will prove this once my collection is complete," Shane said. "Truth be told, I like many different types of cars, so now that I'm getting the chance to drive plenty of fast cars on other people's insurance, let me just say I'm as happy as Elvis in a room full of burgers.

"But the people who pay the insurance aren't quite as excited. I think they feel like Guy Fawkes has just been given the keys to an explosives factory - and they're right."

Ewen Page (right) is the editor-in-chief of Top Gear Australia magazine and the website. In a media career spanning 28 years he has edited a variety of Australian car magazines, from Street Machine to Wheels, Motor and Auto Action. He has a passion for all things with wheels. Ewen has also been the sports editor of The Canberra Times, editor of FHM, and was the founding deputy editor of Zoo Weekly.

"With Shane's comic talents and Steve's driving prowess, I'm aiming to bring a more urbane, intellectual feel to the show. I will be testing Saabs exclusively, wearing black turtleneck sweaters and featuring in extended stories on the car and its role in modern society. Or doing burnouts in a Falcon ute" he said.

Steve Pizzati (left) is an advanced driving instructor, racing driver, freelance motoring journalist and stunt driver. In 1985 he fell in love with fast cars and fast machines after watching Ayrton Senna compete in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. His first car was a "very cool" 1971 Mk2 Cortina GT. Basically, if it's got wheels and it's fast, he's either driven it, raced it, jumped it, or set fire to it.

Asked to describe himself, Steve said: "Eat + sleep + incessant travel + seriously cool driving = my life, but I am currently trying to remove the first three parts of the equation. I'm thrilled to be on the show doing a job that even the Apollo astronauts would be envious of."

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