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Toyota 86… sold out!

31 May 2012 - 15:00

Toyota 86… sold out!

So you've seen photos of the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, you've read the reviews, you've seen the videos. You've crunched some numbers and determined that, if you eat Franklins white bread and baked beans for a few months, or years, you can have a Toybaru BR86 of your own.

Well, we have some slightly bad news for you. All the cars headed for Australia... have sold out.

Toyota has confirmed that the first batch of 400 sports coupes has already completely sold. And Subaru, whose BRZ will arrive in Australia later this year, has stopped taking pre-orders on the new car, because the waiting list has become too long.

"We've got over 400 cars pre-sold and we've tried to allocate at least one or two to all our dealers around the country," Toyota's Mike Breen told TopGear. "We have 300 dealers in Australia and 400 cars pre-sold. If you do the maths, we've run out of cars!"

Of course, the first batch of 86s is sold out, but there will be more coming to Australia. You might just have to wait a while.

"There's more coming out on the ships but with our predicted rate of sales, if you walked into a dealership and placed an order, you'd be facing approximately a two month wait," said Breen.

The 86, which will be launched in Australia early next week, is expected to come in two models - a basic GT model, and a GTS model with a Santa sack full of goodies. The GTS is expected to get you satnav, leather and climate control aircon.

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But it's not all bad news, TopGearers. While you anxiously wait for your 86 to arrive, you can live vicariously through us! We'll be going to the Australian launch of the 86 early next week where (and this is where we start shivering excitedly) we pick up our new, long-term 86 press car! We'll be bringing you many videos and galleries about our 86. And, of course, you can see what how we've been enjoying it in the Garage section of our magazine.

We've also got a little something else planned with it, that will involve you, dear TGers, but that's currently classified. Keep in touch with for more...

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