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VF Commodore 'not the last', says Holden

08 February 2013 - 00:00

VF Commodore 'not the last', says Holden

Huge news: Holden has confirmed that the VF won't be the last Commodore sold in Australia.

With the VF not even on sale yet, let alone even unveiled, Holden managing director Mike Devereux has revealed that work has already begun on the next Commodore, the replacement for the VF, to be released in 2016.

This is huge news for Holden fans, and Australians in general, who have feared that the VF would be the last ever Commodore, ending a 35-year year love affair with the Aussie icon.

Holden, though, is admittedly cagey on the next Commodore, which will likely be built off a global GM large car platform, adapted for the Australian market and slapped with a Commodore badge.

"This thing [VF] will run until the end of 2016, after which time we're going to put two global architectures (models) into the plant," Devereux told TopGear and other media at a secret press unveiling of the VF today. "One of them will underpin the next Commodore."

Devereux wouldn't be drawn into further speculation, though, including whether or not the next Commodore will be front-wheel-drive. But he did indicate that it would be the most American Commodore yet.

"General Motors has started working on it [the VF replacement]. The team here is involved in that, as they are involved in all sorts of things."

"We will launch another Commodore after this one."

The VF will be unveiled to the public this Sunday morning. Check in at at 10.45am for the first official pictures of Holden's new baby - one, we can finally say, is not Australia's last.

The above photo is a computer generated image - the real thing will be shown Sunday, 10.45am, on

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