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Webber uses F1 to vaporise Sydney lap record

10 March 2013 - 14:00

Webber uses F1 to vaporise Sydney lap record

Mark Webber smashed the existing Sydney Motorsport Park by SIX seconds at the TopGear Festival today.

Aboard his Red Bull F1 car, Webber broke the record yesterday, but today went another two seconds faster, setting a 1:13.6 lap, vaporising the old lap record of 1:19.1 set in 2007 by German A1GP driver Nico Hulkenberg.

It was eerie hearing an F1 car around the old Sydney track, but awesome when it came into sight, cornering at speeds that make V8 Supercars look like old tractors.

The track was bumpy, particularly in an F1 car, but it didn't catch Webber out, he said.

"It was pretty much as we expected," he told TopGear. "Tracks these days are pretty smooth around the world it's just the level I suppose they've got to because the cars demand that. We had that in mind. It's a lot tighter and narrower than I remember in certain places because I'm not arriving at the speed I was last time in Formula Ford 1600."

"I actually raced here in Formula Ford in 1995, so it's been a long time between drinks," he added. "It's nice to get back in an F1 car in Sydney, last time was over the Harbour Bridge so it's good to be back here."

Webber will race in Melbourne next weekend at the Australian Grand Prix. He also did some victory doughnuts on the front straight at the TopGear Festival, video of which you can watch on our Facebook page, here.

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