The Numbers

2.0L petrol 4-cyl, 162kW, 340Nm, 6sp manual only, 0-100km/h in 7.6secs, max 240km/h, 7.3L/100km, 1326kg

The Topgear Verdict

A fantastic blend of performance and practicality.

2014 Renault Megane GT220 hatch

What is it?

The Renault Megane GT220 hatch is a compromise between the regular Megane and the Renault Sport Megane 265. And we don’t mean “compromise” in a bad way: the RS Megane 265 is a brilliant hot hatch, but tough to live with, especially if you have kids or, really, human acquaintances of any kind. The GT220 is much sportier than the standard Megane GT – more than three seconds quicker from zero to 100 – and though it’s 1.6 seconds slower than the RS 265, it also has five doors, suspension that won’t tenderise your buttocks into steak tartare, and it’s around $10k cheaper.

What’s under the skin?

The Megane GT220 hatch has the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine from the Megane RS, good for 162kW and 340Nm. Using the Stop&Start tech keeps fuel use to 7.3-litres per 100km, about a liter per 100 lower than the RS. 

What’s it cost and is it worth the coin?

It’ll set you back $35,490, making it worth considering for anyone thinking of buying a VW Golf GTI. See out video review for more insights.

Driven: August 04, 2014