Best t-shirts

US numberplate caps

Vintage US numberplates stitched onto trucker-style or cotton caps – these hats from Gas Caps (geddit?) look the goods. Plus, they have an impressive line of original vintage caps they’ve sourced from some mid-western flyover-state garage sale.


Gasoline Caps


Grillles and lights t-shirts

Artist ApexFibers on Red Bubble has created a series of shirts featuring the lights and grilles from his favourite retro cars, including older M cars – like the E34 M5 and the E30 M3 – as well as VW Golfs, Nissan 300ZX and the Toyota 86.




Neverlift t shirt

Not always the best advice, this – slow in, fast out, and so on – but the sentiment is about right. Advertise your track day ambitions before you even get in the car.


Enthusiast Apparel


Rohrl defines understeer

And he should know: the legendary German driver is a world champion rally pilot, and has slid Fiats, Porsches and Audis through more corners than you’d had gear changes.


Shot Dead In The Head


For atmo fans

We love turbos as much as the next guy, but they can leave you… waiting for the boost.




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