Two-person quadbike that turns into a jet ski

Okay, it’s not as impressive as one of Michael Bay’s Transformers, but it’s probably more entertaining: the Gibbs Quadski XL is set to become the ultimate getaway vehicle for bank robber duos in the Florida Keys, with its excellent ability to do up to 70km/h both on land and on the water.

It’s powered by a BMW motorcycle engine, from the Motorrad K1300R. Unlike most quadbikes, it’s rear-wheel-drive,  not all-wheel-drive; but all four wheels will cheerfully tuck up into the XL’s body, like the testicles of a frightened accountant, when you want to roll into a body of water. Then the engine powers a marine jet drive with forward and reverse action.

The Quadski XL costs a not-insignificant $48,000 in the US. But it will make you seem like the James Bond of the beach.