New Vanquish fastest ever

Aston Martin has upgraded its Vanquish GT and Rapide S four-door with a series of 2015 model year changes claimed to make the new Vanquish the fastest accelerating series production model in the company’s 101-year history.

Headline developments are the debut of the ‘Touchtronic’ eight-speed auto, developed jointly with ZF, and the latest generation Bosch engine management system for more precise engine control and efficient communication with the new transmission.

Changes to gear and final drive ratios, reduce the (AM29) 6.0-litre V12’s exhaust back pressure, for a modest 2kW power increase to a stonking 424kW in the Vanquish, and 412kW for the Rapide S, both now delivering 630Nm (up 10Nm) at 5500rpm.

The Vanquish is claimed to blast from 0-100km/h in 3.8secs (down from 4.3), and the Rapide S in 4.4secs (also down half second). Both cars are now capable of maximum speeds in excess of 320km/h. And these performance gains are delivered with improved fuel economy (11 per cent) and reduced emissions (down 10 per cent).

Other changes include a revised torque tube for reduced vibration and cabin noise, a stability system optimised for the new gearbox, and a retuned steering ECU for enhanced response.

Uprated dampers on the Vanquish are 15 per cent stiffer at the front and a 35 stiffer at the rear, while the Rapide S picks up larger front brakes. Both cars also benefit from a retuned brake booster and 20 per cent stiffer rear suspension bushes.

Outside there’s new ten-spoke forged alloy wheels, saving seven kilos in unsprung weight, and there are new paint and trim options.

Global market launch kicks off later this quarter, with final pricing and specifications for Australia still to be confirmed.