Incredible speed

Incredible speed

Top Gear understands that you are an industrious, all-action businessperson with not a moment to waste in your hectic schedule. But you must clear one minute in your diary to watch this video below, because it may change your life. Probably not a lot, but maybe a little.

The video shows racing nutjob Jos Goodyear setting a new course record on Scotland's Doune Hillclimb in his GWR Raptor, a car featuring a supercharged Hayabusa engine, four tyres and very little else.

And Mr Goodyear plus lightweight bike-engined thing equals fast. Much fast. Jos's 35.05-second ascent of Doune's 1,350-metre course equates to an average speed (if TG's ropey maths is correct) of around 138km/h, but that figure doesn't do justice to the sheer insanity of this drive.

Drystone walls, trees, off-camber, slippery bends: Doune is a hill with no room for error, and Goodyear pushes it right to the very edge.

Comments below: just how big are Jos Goodyear's manfruits?