2015 Trax

Holden has revealed the price and specs of the 2015 Trax, including a new turbocharged 1.4L model that tops the range. The new Trax LTZ iTi turns out 103kW and 200Nm, comes with new 18-inch alloys and a sunroof, and will set you back $29,990, putting it about the same price as the entry model of the slightly larger Mazda CX-5.

The other two Trax variants, the LS and the LTZ, retain the 1.8L four-pot that produces 103kW and 175Nm.

Holden Trax LS, 1.8 litre manual             $23,990

Holden Trax LS, 1.8 litre automatic          $26,190

Holden Trax LTZ, 1.8 litre automatic        $28,490

Holden Trax LTZ, 1.4 litre iTi automatic    $29,990