Supercharged CR-Z

Honda Performance Development (HPD), the brand’s North American racing off-shoot, has produced a supercharger kit for the CR-Z Hybrid Coupe.

Suitable for 2013 and ‘14 models, the kit boosts total powertrain output to 147kW/239Nm (up from 100kW/190Nm in the standard car). The substantial step up comes courtesy of the centrifugal type blower, as well as an air-to-air intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors, ECU recalibration, and a free-flow air filter system.

Sold through Honda dealers in the US for $5,495 (AUD$5,905), the HPD kit doesn’t impact the car’s powertrain warranty (when installed by a Honda dealer). Honda Australia is currently clarifying local availability.

HPD has also developed an optional limited slip differential and sport clutch, as well as a sport exhaust system, and chassis and suspension upgrades, including sport dampers, coil springs with reduced ride height, 300mm diameter disc brakes and HPD 18-inch wheels fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber. An aero and graphics pack incorporates front lip and tail spoilers, and a rear diffuser.