World's smartest helmet

Straight out of Silicon-Valley, California comes the Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet, claimed by its maker to be the smartest in the world.

Scheduled for launch in May next year, it combines features becoming increasingly common to car drivers, and stuffs them into a polycarbonate shell for motorcycle riders.

The Skully’s visor features a see-through head-up display, showing info on navigation, speed, or 180-degree rear-view, fed by a camera mounted in the back of the shell. There’s also a microphone and speakers, facilitating hands-free Bluetooth phone and music connectivity.

As for safety, Skully claims the helmet "can vastly improve the safety and situational awareness of riders," and it has been awarded DOT/ECE certification.

Set to sell for US$1,399 ($1,503) via the Skully Systems website (only), the hi-tech lid weighs 1,792gm, which includes a built-in battery boasting nine hours operation between charges.