The worst car names... in the world

Craptacular car names

Repeat after me: 'twit-ar-a'. This is what Shelby Super Cars has named its soon-to-be-latest offering built specifically to reclaim the fastest production car record from the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

More pics of the Tuatara here

This is a fine and noble endeavor. After all, the small company's dusted itself off after the SSC Ultimate Aero lost its 412km/h record to the Veyron SS's 430km/h (which was achieved shortly after James' comparatively miserable 417km/h).

What's neither fine nor noble is the name. As demonstrated by SSC CEO, Jarod Shelby, in this very clip, the correct pronunciation is twit-ar-a. TWIT-ar-a? For goodness sake.

But that's not the worst car name we've ever heard of. Oh no...


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