It's here! Chevrolet's new Corvette

America, arise. Here's your newly-minted hero. And Europe, you can forget your old-world snobbishness. America's great sports car is today re-born. It's recognisably a Corvette, but its every component has had a hard-reset. If you want your hammering front-engined V8 rumble to come wrapped in the iridescent technologies of our age, you've come to the right place.

Brutal statistics first. It makes 331kW and 610 torques from its all-new V8, and cracks 100km/h from rest in under four smokin' seconds. Chevy people are so pleased with this, they've slapped on a badge historically reserved for some of the most knee-trembling Vettes of all. Yes, this one's a Stingray.


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