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Hamster's wheels

We've just moved house. Nothing unusual in that and the move itself was a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill house move: utter misery, everything lost, broken or won't fit/wrong colour/too old/too new/not ours.

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MPV racing

MPV Racing Watch now.

Hammond starts a race series for people carriers. Carnage ensues

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Veyron v plane

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Jeremy and the Bugatti Veyron race James, Richard and a plane across Europe

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Biography Richard

Richard Hammond and mother.

Richard started off his career in hospital radio, before graduating to a presenting slot on popular cable channel 'Cars and Boobs TV'. Since then, his telly career has blossomed: at one point, it was possible to turn on your TV and see Richard on every channel at any time of day. Despite this, he still finds time to appear on a second-rate motoring show on BBC Two, in which he can usually be found volunteering for stupidly dangerous challenges on the promise of a bag of por