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Series 3 Episode 1

The one with The dead Stig

Series 3, Episode 1 (2003)

Jeremy’s love affair with the Ford GT begins (if only he knew how it’d end). James hits the new BMW 5-Series with the ugly stick and Richard drives the Porsche 911 GT3.


  • /au/assets/cs/Ford GT40

    TestsBack to the 60s

    Come with us to Detroit, home of Motown and the US motor industry, and spy on the moment when JC first started fancying the pants off the Ford GT.

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  • BMW 5-series

    TestsJames gets ugly

    He loves curvy classics so the challenging looks of the BMW 5-series were bound to upset James’s delicate artistic side. Even so, this turns into a right big row.

  • /au/assets/cs/911: Car of the year?

    TestsGong for GT3

    Richard makes a bid for the Most Premature Car of the Year Award Ever after a dizzying experience behind the wheel of the lightweight Porsche 911 GT3.

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  • /au/assets/cs/It's another Kemp

    CelebsAnother Kemp

    Fresh from exiting EastEnders in a memorably fiery car-crash, Spandau Ballet’s former bass player talks Porsches and laps the track in our affordable car.

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  • /au/assets/cs/Bye Bye, Stig

    StigBye bye, Stig

    The film that set off a tsunami of complaints, as the Stig drives a Jaguar XJS off the deck of HMS Invincible and disappears forever into the sea. Is this the end?

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