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Americans! It's Top Gear USA’s last episode of the season: uncool cars and a very scary 200+ mph

In a change of pace, Adam, Rut and Tanner get $1500 to purchase used cars– for each other. As you can imagine, they are not purchasing the most cool cars they can find, but the least.

Tanner, knowing what Adam loves best, buys him the worst muscle car ever produced: The Ford Mustang II. Adam buys Rutledge the nastiest physical manifestation of “design by committee”: The Pontiac Aztek. And Rutledge finds Tanner the highest-quality, quickest and suavest car ever made: The Yugo GV.

While all hosts agree that their cars blow, that doesn’t prevent them from being competitive, even protective of their dung piles– they don’t want to be stuck with the least cool car in America. They head to the Streets of Willow Springs racetrack to see who can lay down the fastest lap. When they arrive they find they’re sharing the track with Lamborghinis, Ferraris and the like, not exactly their automotive equals.

You’ll have to tune in to find out whether Tanner, on foot, is faster than Adam’s Mustang II in a 60-foot drag race, whether Tanner can do a stunt in the Yugo blindfolded, and whether Rutledge’s Aztek is actually off-road capable.

In the final test of cool, or lack thereof, the hosts are given one night and $1000 to spiffy up their vehicles prior to an auction– most money earned wins. The Yugo is made into something like a racecar, the Mustang something like a Shelby and the Aztek into a zombie-killing machine.

Later, Tanner flies to the UK to help out the good folks at Noble Automotive. They have a new supercar, the 650-horsepower M600, but no as-tested top speed. They think it’s capable of 225 mph; Tanner’s right foot fills in the blank. He also lines the M600 up against a Gallardo Superleggera and Audi R8 V10 in a 3-wide drag race.

Actor and comedian Kal Penn visits the Top Gear studio for a chat with Adam. Despite the fact that he drives a Prius and has never driven a stick, he attacks the track– and the Suzuki’s poor transmission.

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