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Koenigsegg CCX news — Koenigsegg vs Armco - 2009

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“Er, hi, it’s the dealership here. Yeah, the Koenigsegg dealership, the one looking after your super-rare and ludicrously expensive CCX. Um, I’m afraid we have some rather bad news. We kind of, erm, crashed it. A lot.”
A phone call, saying something along those lines, was made by a rather guilty dealership owner in New York last week. He had to ‘fess up, after taking the customer’s car for a blast around town and accidentally smashing it into some Armco, taking out a 911 GT2 for good measure…
Our friends at were on the scene and took this picture (they must have a team of crash pixies patrolling the world’s roads on the lookout for clumsy supercar drivers).
In the ranking of Worst Days of Your Life, that would sit somewhere around the top. Just next to ‘the day I tried a naked leap into a landmine pit’. Or something.
Maybe it was all the car’s fault. We wonder if it had the Top Gear-spec wing? Remember the one?

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