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Ferrari 458 Speciale

Price: £208,065
Specs: 597bhp, 398lb ft, 0-62mph 3.0secs, VMax 202mph, 19.9mpg, CO2 275g/km

We still think the standard 458 Italia is something special, but the, er, Speciale is even more, er, special. The most vibrant, intoxicating supercar on sale today, in fact.

TG takes the Ferrari 458 Speciale around Elba

McLaren 650S

Price: £195,275
Specs: 650bhp, 500lb ft, 0-62mph 3.0secs, VMax 207mph, 24.2mpg, CO2 275g/km

The finest British supercar in many, many years. Probably ever, in fact. Newly uprated twin-turbo V8 delivers Maranello-crushing pace. Jolly good.

Top Gear’s Speed Week 2014: the McLaren 650S

Ferrari F12

Price: £239,317
Specs: 730bhp, 508lb ft, 0-62mph 3.1secs, VMax 211mph, 18.8mpg, CO2 350g/km

The replacement for the awesome 599 is smaller and lighter, but even more powerful and faster. Erk. As good as front-engined, V12 Ferrariness gets. And it gets pretty damn good.

Ferrari F12 vs Lamborghini Aventador vs Aston Martin Vanquish

Noble M600

Price: £200,000
Specs: 650bhp, 604lb ft, 0-62mph 3.0secs, VMax 225mph, n/a mpg, CO2 n/a g/km

Built in a shed in Leicester around the engine from a Volvo XC90. Doesn’t sound too promising, but the Noble is as scarily scintillating as nude wrestling, yet friendly, too.

Top Gear Speed Week 2012: Aventador vs 12C vs Noble M600

Lamborghini Huracan

Price: £181,865
Specs: 610bhp, 413lb ft, 0-62mph 3.2secs, VMax 202mph, 22.6mpg, CO2 290g/km

Lambo’s answer to the 458 and 650S. It’s very good, but… well, it doesn’t deliver the knockout blow we hoped it would. Make it madder please, Lambo.

Across Spain in the new Lamborghini Huracan

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