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TG Live in ‘rather insane’ record attempt

People of South Africa, we need you to cross your fingers and hope for the best… Jeremy, Richard and James are heading to Durban for the latest palpitation in the Top Gear Live world tour, and they’re bringing two great big loop-the-loops. Then getting someone to drive round them.
Yep. The boys are rigging up two loops – each eight meters tall and made of 16 tonnes of steel – then kindly asking a man to drive a custom-built dune buggy into them.
To avoid an extremely unhappy ending, said driver’s got to hit the first loop at between 24 and 26mph. Any slower and the car drops from the top of the loop. Any faster and the driver will disappear entirely into himself. Probably.
We had a go at this before back in 2009, but we used a remote controlled buggy to make sure it was actually possible… And we only had one loop. Reasoning that everything will probably be alright, we’re not bothering with the RC car for our 720 attempt.
We’ll upload the video the minute at does (or doesn’t) happen on this weekend, but if you’re near Durban you can still get tickets here. In the meantime, keep them crossed…

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