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Adam Ferrara: ‘I’d like to drive the Popemobile’

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Adam Ferrara is a renowned petrolhead who ranks the Zonda F Roadster as his top car. He’s also a stand-up comedian and stars in firefighting drama series Rescue Me.

What’s in your garage?
A first-generation Lexus LS400.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven?
180mph in a Gallardo.

Who or what caused your worst car crash?
A suicidal deer who chose death by Ford.

What’s your dream car?
I would like to drive the Popemobile with the Pope in it. There are a few things I need to go over with him.

What was the first car you owned?
A 1981 hand-me-down Dodge Aries K SE. It was white with red pin striping and red velour seats. Apparently, grandpa was a pimp.

What car do you hate most in all the world?
The one that’s in front of me doing 50mph in the outside lane

Are US cars better than European cars?
I haven’t driven a lot of European cars, but Europe seems to get cooler stuff.

Why film an American version of Top Gear?
There’s no other way I would get to drive all these kick-ass super cars.

How is Top Gear US going to be different to the UK version?
We will be driving on the other side of the road.

What’s your favourite thing that Top Gear has ever done?
So many to chose from… James in the flying caravan, motorbikes through Vietnam, but most of all deciding to launch an American version.

Who’s your favourite presenter from the three guys in the UK?
The synergy of the three is really what makes the show for me.

What will be your definition of success for Top Gear US?
If we can come close to capturing the spirit of adventure, fun and camaraderie of the UK version without any of us dying in a massive fireball.

The American version of Top Gear is on History in the US this autumn

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