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Americans! Season 3 of Top Gear USA continues this Tuesday!

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Four long, beard-free months have passed without a new episode, but rest assured that Rut, Adam and Tanner spent this time destroying bodies both flesh and steel filming the next ten episodes of Season 3. And the first of these gasoline-quaffing adventures airs this coming Tuesday on History at 9/8C!

In the season re-opener, Rut cracks the spine on his newly-issued passport when the hosts journey to Mexico for the Spring Break college adventure they never had. To find out who had the bitchin’est ride in college, the hosts meet at UC San Diego with examples of the same cars that got them in and out of trouble as undergrads.

Tanner arrives with the car he says taught him more about driving than anything else he’s owned: A tricked-out Eagle Talon TSi. Adam’s Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance may not be fast, efficient or reliable, but the rear seats double admirably as a queen size bed. Rut brings a 1972 VW Bus which he claims he used to carry his band, and not as a mobile grilled-cheese kiosk at Grateful Dead concerts (the fate of most Transporters).

En route to San Felipe, Mexico, a beach town located in the Sea of Cortez, the hosts will have plenty of opportunities to showcase their vehicles’ special talents, and given the roads in Mexico, their build quality.

To start things off, a friendly game of football (the ‘Murcan, manly form that involves steroids and brain injury) played with balls the size of llamas allows the hosts to demonstrate performance and ball-handling skills.

After navigating the world’s busiest international border crossing, the boys arrive in Tijuana, a populous and notoriously hard to navigate city. As owning a car in college mostly means giving rides to friends, the hosts are tasked with transporting their new amigos with profound talents of distraction to a casino in the shortest time possible.

The road trip continues down the beautiful Baja peninsula, and via a “shortcut” chosen by Tanner that is short on pavement, long on rocks eager to chew through tires and oil pans.

Next, the hosts turn the surprisingly violent piñata evisceration ritual, usually enjoyed at children’s birthday parties into something Tarantino would be proud of– in addition to bats, they have multiple tons of steel to swing at paper and glue.

At least two hosts continue to the beach town of San Felipe, which, they find, is partying as hard as a convent. They are issued their final challenge: If San Felipe is no longer rocks the party, then the hosts will have to bring the party to San Felipe, using their college cars.

In true “go big and/or go home” style, Tanner tempts the gods like Icarus, Adam tempts the Mexican military and Rut may or may not tempt PETA.

Tune in, American fans of the American Top Gear– it’s on History this Tuesday at 9/8 central, and we have a great run of episodes in store for you. You can see older episodes on the History Channel Top Gear site and get breaking news on the Top Gear USA Facebook Page. Let us know what you think!

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