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Well, that’s a bit of a change from Mark ‘The Wahlberg’ Wahlberg and his private chopper. Harry Enfield, this week’s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, has rocked up at the Top Gear studio in… a nice sensible Ford Mondeo.

The Harry and Paul show star has just jumped into the mighty Chevy Lacetti with His Stigness, but not before offering the inscrutable TG timekeeper a fiver to knock a few seconds off his lap time. The inscrutable TG timekeeper declined, of course - maybe Loadsamoney would have helped, Harry?

It’s a bit of a late start for Enfield, in truth: Stig has been out on the track in the Zonda F Roadster this morning, trying to set a lap so quick that - well, so quick that Hammond won’t be able to reach it on the Hot Laps board.

But the Zonda was being a bit temperamental - either that or the Stig hadn’t been fed his normal breakfast of deer carcass and blueberries - so it’s delayed Harry getting out onto the track.

Fear not, though: Stiggy got all that power down on the track in the end, and the lap… well, you’ll have to watch the show on Sunday to find out, but it definitely falls into the Dear-God-That’s-Quick category.

Away from the track, there’s a bit of a last minute treat sitting front-and-centre on the studio floor: Lamborghini’s mental four-door Estoque concept. Yep, that’s the Estoque concept that Lamborghini is actually going to build.

Question is: what do you think the boys will think of it? Is Clarkson going to find the idea of a Lambo saloon as hateful as a Marmite-slathered Toyota Prius? Or do you think Hammond might be keen on a supercar that’ll transport at least a few of his ever-increasing menagerie of pets?

And don’t forget: BBC Two, Sunday, 8pm. Be there. The Mole expects.

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