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“Who is the Stig?” came third behind “how can I find Jesus?” and “the fit one from Skins” in Google’s most searched-for terms last year. Fired up by this month’s DVD, and armed with no more insider information than you, I set out on the trail of the web’s most elusive superhero.

01. STIGBOOK: It’s unlikely Stig even knows about social networking sites, let alone has any need for friends, but his Facebook group is huge, with 1,070,831 fans.

02. STIGGEAR.COM - All we know is… there’s an exhaustive collection of Stig stuff on our site, with plenty of video. We’ve just learnt that he gets 25p every time someone uses the word ‘mincemeat’.

03. STIGETTE - This bizarre site takes pictures of scantily clad ladies and photoshops Stig heads over their faces. We’re not sure if this is just wrong, or actually a bit hot.

04. STIG: LIVE - The TG Live team finally managed to steer Stig into a press conference, during the New Zealand leg, in front of the world’s press, and 158,486 YouTubers.

05. BLACK STIG: REST IN PEACE - At the beginning of the third series, TG telly showed the black Stig getting himself done-in, while racing jet fighters. Silly black Stig. Thing is, can Stig die?

06. HE IS THE STIG - Professing to be nothing more than a fan site, this Bebo page has collected 22,418 like-minded souls who are all very keen in talking about the one that does not speak.

07. RETURN OF THE BLACK - This video proclaims that the black Stig didn’t die, but was just lost at sea for a bit. 2,365,376 people have tuned in to see if it’s true. Good attention to detail too.

08. STIGIPEDIA - If there’s anything you don’t know about the Stig, then this Wikipedia page will do its best to tell you, from the very beginning. We can neither confirm nor deny any of it.

09. FINAL GEAR - For the most part, the guys over on the Finalgear forum love everything that is TG, and have come up with 1001 uses for Stig. 10,677 people have paid attention to it.

10. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? - What’s Stig doing on the newish phenomenon of Twitter? Seemingly not a lot, with only 572 followers for one of a rash of Stig wannabes. Stig just wouldn’t Tweet though.

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