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In the new issue of Radio Times, you can read a big juicy interview with James May. Right after the feature about monkeys learning to crack nuts, and the advert for Bovril.

Happily coinciding with the first episode in the new series of James May’s Toy Stories, which airs next Tuesday at 8pm on BBC2, the interview sees Captain Slow discussing – with trademark thoughtfulness – subjects as diverse as Meccano, Bach and being ‘a one-buttock kind of bloke’.

“Blokiness, in the last 20 years, has come to mean a sort of supposedly endearing hopelessness,” says James, “and I think blokes are doing themselves a bit of a disservice. Because I think the point of being a man is that you’re supposed to be dependable and you should be able to have a go at anything. And that includes things we have now decided are on the girly side, like cooking or reading the poetry of WB Yeats.”

From the confines of his now-demolished Lego house, James also discusses his little-known part-time job: presenting a specialist interest show called ‘Top Gear’.

“People have got this idea that we live in a big house together, with half of it burnt down and a lot of cars on the drive,” James explains. “It isn’t quite like that. We have a good time, but I wouldn’t want to be stuck on a desert island with them [Jeremy and Richard].”

And the ‘one-buttock kind of bloke’ comment? You’ll have to buy a copy of Radio Times to find out. Unless you live outside the UK, in which case it shall remain a mystery for all eternity, like how planes stay in the air or why the Stig has an Albanian passport. Sorry.

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