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Tuesday’s Top Gear writing day was going rather swimmingly. Everyone was in a splendid mood and the script was coming together nicely. Buoyed by the high levels of bon and, quite possibly, homie, Jeremy was just making a small tweak to the main studio script on the screen when his face froze in a rictus of horror. The computer had gone dead.

This was rapidly traced to an extension lead on the floor which had inadvertently been turned off by someone resting their foot on it. Someone quite tall, and with curly hair. Still, not really his fault, and no time to apportion blame either since the entire studio script - and the separate document upon which the presenters jot down thoughts and ideas for the news – had been lost. Worse things have happened at sea, but few bigger catastrophes have occurred in a small and rather muggy office in West London.

Thankfully Jeremy, Richard and James have remarkably good memories and with the PC brought back to life they set about re-building the script like three men possessed. If you can get possessed by the desire to input words into a computer. Not sure about that, might want to check.

Anyway, office IT horror averted, writing day went well.

Almost as well as yesterday’s studio recording which was, despite temperatures described by one weather expert as ‘pretty sodding hot’, a triumph.

Great audience, great atmosphere, a properly hilarious guest, the lot. Plus of course it was a lovely sunny day. Oh yeah, and the films in this week’s show are pretty special too. Come back tomorrow for even more details on those.

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