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‘Or Is That Just Me?’, Richard Hammond’s new book, is now available in paperback. Richard explains exactly why you should rush out and buy at least 14 lightweight, toilet-friendly copies for you, your family, neighbours and neighbours’ pets:

‘Or Is That Just Me?’ is a smashing book. Really, a very nice book indeed. I’m very pleased with the words. I put them in order myself and used them to tell the story of what it’s really like being a presenter on TopGear.

In it I take you, the reader - assuming you are one, of course, and not just looking at the pictures, which are also rather good - behind the scenes on filming trips around the world. Discover what it was like being chased across the States by armed rednecks in pickups (terrifying) and how it actually felt driving on the Bonneville Salt Flats (mostly scary).

You can also come behind the scenes with me on the TopGear Live World Tour; which I started on crutches due to an incident with a horse and some Land Rover keys – long story, it’s in the book.

I deal also with the knotty business of reaching the age of 40 as a bloke. Obviously, I deal with it calmly and with a maturity befitting my new-found status as a middle-aged man. I also get drunk aboard one of her Majesty’s warships, pick a fight with the biggest marine on the ship and try to get in bed with the captain. That, again, is a story covered in more detail, though with no more dignity, in the book.

Above all else, I wanted to set out what it’s actually like doing the job. What makes it onto the telly is just the tip of the iceberg, while the swan’s legs are paddling away below the waterline to steer the ship towards the goalposts and let the flag flutter. See, I’m a writer, me; that was a metaphor-and-a-half right there. Well, it was about five actually, but you get the point. Enjoy it. Learn from it. And then use it to prop something up or light a fire.

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