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Amidst all the excitement of sending the presenters off to Vietnam we seem to have forgotten to mention when the new series of Top Gear is actually back on the telly.

TV scheduling is of course a murky business, and one that’s largely out of the production team’s hands.

The BBC actually has dedicated scheduling people and they use a variety of techniques to decide when shows should be on air, often revolving around sacrificing a chicken and reading the entrails, throwing a variety of different sized fruits at a wall and seeing which ones stick or feeding a pile of DVDs to a cow and seeing which one gets pooed out first.

Although in fairness, all those things only happened when we let The Stig go on attachment to the scheduling department.

Anyway, the upshot is that Top Gear was going to be back on 26 October but then there turned out to be some sport on or something and as a result the new series will now start on Sunday 2 November.

So don’t move a muscle until then.

Actually you probably should move at least some muscles. Otherwise you’ll get really hungry and start to smell.

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