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For a while, it looked like the appearance of London’s mayor Boris Johnson was going to be the highlight of the show. He was good natured with Jeremy’s probing, enjoyed his time, and gave the track as good as he could in atrocious conditions. But then Jeremy decided to do a roadtest.

When he gets hold of an idea, he always manages to take it further than anyone else thought possible, and his time in Ford’s new Fiesta certainly proved the point.

The section of him trying to avoid baddies in a Corvette while driving through Festival Place shopping centre in Basingstoke was a riot, but the beach landing with the Royal Marines was quite beyond comprehension.

The Mole was amazed that the plucky little Fiesta managed to get through water so deep.

Hats off to Jeremy then, for creating a roadtest that will probably never be beaten. But if it is, we imagine that Jeremy’s the man to do it.

And if you missed some or all of that, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer now.

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