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Rutledge, Tanner and Adam chat to

So, Tuesday saw a dramatic end to a long, but fun season three of Top Gear USA. had a chat with the hosts to find out which moments of the season were tops – and which sent them into therapy…

What was your favorite vehicle?

Rutledge: Hands down the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse 16.4. What an insane amount of power. Put a huge smile on my face the whole time I was in it. To be fair, the all wheel drive Subaru Legacy GT in the snow is a close second.
Tanner: The McLaren MP4-12C. A year after its introduction the kinks have been worked out and the current version is absolutely the real deal.
Adam: ‘66 Ford GT40 - THE Le Mans winner.

Your least favorite vehicle?

Rutledge: The 1973 VW Bus I drove in Mexico for one reason: It’s the slowest vehicle I’ve ever taken on a road trip. Painfully slow…so slow that Tanner thought I was sand bagging.
Tanner: Adam’s Chevy pickup in Iceland… I never want to dig another green truck out of the snow again, ever.
Adam: Chevy S10 Blazer with Occasional 4WD.

Your favorite moment this season?

Rutledge: Being able to show the world that given the right setting - in this case driving winter beaters in Minnesota - I can hang a car out like Tanner and put him in the woods if need be.
Tanner: Driving 200 mph on a skinny little back road in Florida… In a 1200hp Bugatti. Not bad.
Adam: Rats running around on Rut’s head.

Your least favorite moment?

Rutledge: Getting stopped crossing the border into Mexico. They knew no English, and didn’t care for my bad Spanish.
Tanner: Adam towing his truck to the top of mammoth and technically not being wrong about the rules of the challenge..
Adam: Dead alligator in a Fiat 500.

I wish I got to…

Rutledge: Drive the Bugatti at 200mph. That’s a once in a lifetime chance. And if my nitrous kit had actually worked when we were trying to hit 150mph…
Tanner: Go 240 in the Veyron.
Adam: Finish the RV Race. I flipped my Buick.

Scariest moment:

Rutledge: Probably the entire Iceland trip. We had an evacuation plan in place when we were trying to get up the volcano. Any time you need an evacuation plan for something it’s not a positive sign.
Tanner: Being accidentally swept by Rutledge with the shotgun in the Unkillable Cars episode.
Adam: Vegas. After we were done filming the taxi episode, I taught the boys to shoot craps; at one point we had about 800 in bets on the table. Lucky I hit the hard 6.

And so over to you, viewers. What was your favorite moment this season?

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