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Hello there. Me again. Thanks for all your comments on yesterday’s blog. I asked Andy Wilman if he’d chip in today but he told me to ‘sod off’ and then disappeared back into the edit. I think he might have taken some crisps with him.

You probably think I’m joking about the general level of crisp consumption within the TopGear team. Really, I’m not. This picture shows just ONE DAY’S worth of variously seasoned crispy requirements (or multi-flavoured potato chip action, if you’re one of the naughty-naughty 9pm download gang).

Anyway, I promised more info about this Sunday’s brand new show, and more info you’re going to get. Starting with some sad news: the Chevrolet Lacetti Reasonably Priced Car has been retired. I know, I know, no one liked it as much as the Liana and frankly it wasn’t very good. But its retirement still got us thinking about what happens to faithful old cars when their useful life is over. As a result of this wistful reflection, we decided that we had to give the old Lacetti a proper send-off. A sort of Viking burial, if you will.

And just wait until you see what we’ve replaced it with. Don’t worry, it’s not a bag of crisps.

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