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Hello again. Sorry about this. Really thought Wilman would have written a blog by now. Instead, he skulked into the office yesterday, listened to our first read-through of the script and then scarpered back to the edit suite. Shortly afterwards someone noticed that an entire family pack of McCoy’s had gone missing. So, you’re stuck with me. And I’m stuck with these Mini Cheddars. They’re quite nice actually.

Writing day went quite well, ta for asking. We even treated ourselves to a break of 90 minutes (plus stoppage time) to watch the England game. Jeremy spent much of the match outlining why the entire squad should have their pay cut off for a year, and James briefly fell asleep. That’s no real reflection of the game, or indeed Clarkson’s opinions. He just doesn’t like football very much.

Today, excitingly, is the first studio recording of the brand new series. We’d normally do this on a Wednesday, but with the World Cup game on TV, we assumed there’d be no one in the audience and cunningly shifted proceedings by a day.

For what it’s worth, my personal highlight of this show is Jeremy’s investigation into the benefits of three-wheeled cars. It’s a proper piece of insightful journalism. Oh alright, it’s not. But it is very funny. So funny that Clarkson says the film crew were sometimes unable to hold their cameras steady, such was their unbridled mirth. It’s got some unexpected celebrity cameos in it, too. The people who are expecting TopGear to have gone all sensible probably won’t like it. But if the studio audience laugh this afternoon, we’ll know we’ve done a decent job.

Must go. We have a show to rehearse. And some crisps to eat, obviously.

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