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Since a certain oh-no-the-caravan’s-on-fire moment a few series ago, some black-hearted and cynical commentators have suggested that everything on Top Gear is in some way contrived and fake.

Show them, for example, tonight’s assault on the Government in three horrible small cars and they might sneer and snipe and suggest that it was all a big set-up.

But you know what, it wasn’t.

The Mole was there for the filming and witnessed Jeremy, Richard and 
James applying their provocative – if actually slightly rubbish – 
slogans to the side of their cars in a grimy and well hidden side street just over the other side of Westminster Bridge.

Then there was 
a lot of pacing around and urgent hissing into walkie talkies as the camera crews got into place near the Palace of Westminster itself and the lookout in Parliament Square reported that the coast was clear.

The whole thing was actually pretty hairy, especially when the police chief in charge of that area stopped the whole convoy and politely but firmly told our boys to get lost.

One of his objections was that we were undermining a legitimate Tamil protest that was happening in 
the square at the same time, a point that was slightly lost when Jeremy then got talking to the Tamil leader who proudly announced that his entire crew of demonstrators were massive Top Gear fans.

So, the small cars test got the Tamil vote (sort of), but what did
 you reckon to it and indeed the rest of tonight’s show? We do read your comments you know.

Except James. After his Ken Block experience, he doesn’t want anything more to do with Things From The Internet.

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