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So there we go, the potentially contentious fifth programme in the current series of Top Gear. If you haven’t already read the blog by TG bossman Andy Wilman in which he addresses some of the comments you’ve been making about this series, you really should.

So, with Wilman tackling the critics head on – in a thoroughly reasonable and grown up way, it has to be said – it falls to The Mole simply to tell you some of the things you didn’t see on your screens in this week’s show. The way in which Jeremy almost took out the high speed camera car whilst testing the Noble, for example. It might not have looked that hairy on your telly but Clarkson himself described it as ‘the closest I’ve ever come to hitting the tracking car’. That’s how tricky the M600 can be, unless you’re as talented as The Stig of course.

Speaking of scary moments, all three presenters have quietly admitted that walking onto the pitch at Middlesbrough football club and then realising they had the wrong shirts on was ‘one of the most frightening things ever’. Still, could have been worse. They could have been wearing Sunderland shirts. Although, as anyone who understands football culture in the North East of England will testify, they probably wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale if they had.

Finally, and on an altogether more warm and fuzzy note, it’s worth noting what a thoroughly nice man Jenson Button is. Yes, yes, every week it seems that there’s a blog on here saying how lovely this week’s star in the Reasonably Priced Car was – and it’s true, we’ve had a particularly charming and down to earth bunch this series – but you consider how cocky and how aloof Jenson could be considering that he’s the Formula 1 World Champion, it makes it all the more heartening when you discover that he was relaxed, friendly and an all round top man when he came to the studio. Hooray for Jenson, and boo to that ageing footballist who pipped him to BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Mind you, judging by the way he left his car at a right old cock-eyed angle behind one of our outside broadcast lorries, he might be a good bloke but he’s a pretty lousy parker…

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