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Top Gear’s mystery test driver is legendary dead racer Graham Hill, according to someone or other The Mole spoke to.

The identity of the hit TV show’s famous wheelman will come as a shock to the dozens of petrolheads worldwide who had speculated that the man in the white suit was GP World Champion Damon Hill.

“To find out that it’s actually his dad will come as a shock,” said a man yesterday.

In an alleged plot believed to have cost the licence payer millions of pounds, BBC bosses apparently helped Graham Hill fake his own death in a plane crash.

According to Mole sources, the BBC knew as far back as 1974 that one day they’d hire Jeremy Clarkson to front their motoring show which didn’t exist yet, and that Jeremy would probably go to a school where they called new boys ‘Stigs’, and that in 2002 he’d probably invent an anonymous racing driver and probably give him that same name.

So they approached Graham Hill, whose professional driving career was over at that point, and asked him to crash a plane and then hide in a bush until he got the call from the Top Gear team 20 odd years later,” said a BBC insider.

He added: “The BBC does make a mess of some things but they’re pretty good at forward planning.”

The mystery driver’s identity was uncovered when a cleaner discovered some empty tins of moustache wax in a Mclaren SLR that the Stig had just lapped round the Top Gear test track.

“I found the tins and the penny dropped,” said the cleaner. “I mean when did you ever see Graham Hill without his moustache on?” Or something like that, anyway.

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