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The Top Gear presenters seem to be enjoying Australia, as The Mole watched them board a giant speed boat, which whisked them off to the show in the blazing 45 degree heat of Sydney Harbour. Being upside down hasn’t blunted their wits any, as they continue to keep the huge crowds in hysterics, with a mixture of rehearsed/unrehearsed chaos.

The difference in car cultures between each country is something which has struck The Mole powerfully. In Australia the entire country seemed to be divided into two camps; Ford and Holden. The car brands are supported with the flame spitting vigour normally reserved for 3rd division rival football teams. As a nod to this deep rift within the local inhabitants, Top Gear Live has a section of the Cool Wall devoted to Ford and Holden racing Utes (what The Mole would call a pickup normally). The Australians don’t seem to care so much about pearl white Aston DB9s, or bright orange Koenigseggs – but bring out a Holden HSV and the roof of the Acer is torn off in excitement.

The Mole does wonder what other unique car culture lies ahead of the Top Gear Live tour, and will soon find out, as the next stop is New Zealand.

Although The Mole isn’t looking forward to getting back into the TGL 747 via the wheels again…

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