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Top Gear USA: Supercars dominate this Tuesday

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A mysterious celebrity with a taste for open-topped supercars sends Adam, Rut and Tanner on a quest to hand select the ideal machine for speed and sun. As the boys prove their vehicles’ mettle in a series of challenges, they’re issued clues about their client’s identity. Later, actor and veteran Jon Huertas discovers whether military discipline translates into consistent, fast laps.

Adam, Rut and Tanner each choose what they think will be the perfect drop-top supercar for their mystery client. There are all kinds of celebrities– those who crave attention, those who eschew it and those who don’t give a rat’s ass. The three cars chosen by our hosts run the gamut.

Adam shows up at a haughty New England address in a Bentley Continental GTC. Old-world craftsmanship (the hides of 12 cows are hand-stitched into the interior) meets enough modern turbocharged horsepower for an invertebrate-massacring 195 mph top speed.

Rut flaunts dash and cash with a Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster. It doesn’t get any more flamboyant, at 205 mph, faster, and at $420K, more expensive in this group.

Tanner, surprise surprise, shows up in a Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet. It’s the quickest of the bunch with a 2.7-second 0-60 time but is fairly anonymous, at least in any city with orthodontists.

Which supercar will be most appropriate for their celebrity client? At a private airport in Kingston NY, the hosts race a golf ball struck by a man with a very large swing - while attempting to keep a hairpiece atop their mops with the top down. So the car must be quick, and gentle on hairstyles…

Thirty miles away, a stunning private racetrack awaits laps made in anger. Or as angry a lap as they can coax out of three octogenarians (one arrives on a mobility scooter) who will serve as their co-drivers. Here’s hoping that Tanner’s co-driver doesn’t wear a pacemaker. So ingress and egress must be easy, and it must be straightforward to drive…

After navigating the vicious sea of potholes, construction and cabbies that define New York City, the hosts meet their celebrity client in the heart of Manhattan. Time is money for this celebrity and their judgment swift. Which host do you think will make the sale?

Later in the show, actor Jon Huertas stops in to share his real-life car chase stories from the streets of LA and to put down the kind of lap expected of a former Mustang owner who liked to make it slide.

Tune in, American fans of the American Top Gear - it’s on History this Tuesday at 9/8c. You can catch up on episodes you’ve missed on the History Channel Top Gear site  and get breaking news on the Top Gear US Facebook Page . Let us know what you think.

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