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Top Gear USA finds America's toughest car

And by America’s toughest car, we mean the toughest car we could find online for approximately $2000 bucks…

Rut chooses a festival of right angles, a 1990 Volvo 240DL, cop car-loving Adam shows up with yet another 1992 Chevy Caprice cruiser while Tanner scythes in from the left field with a… 1987 RWD Toyota Corolla.

In what’s probably the first Top Gear drag race on Top Gear to culminate in speeds under the national limit, the hosts find out just how much anger’s left under their bonnets. Next, their rides meet the business end of a Mossberg Bullpup 12-gauge shotgun - generally used to depose dictators - to find out just how “bulletproof” their machines really are. Then they take a literal approach to testing just how bombproof their rides are with high-explosive devices…

Unbelievably, the charred remains are still able to drag themselves around under their own power. Unfortunately, all that awaits is falling from a not-inconsiderable height to simulate a 25 mph crash. Adam, Rut and Tanner get to choose which side will kiss the ground, sort of like telling a swordsman which limb to lop off.

The final challenge sends the hosts to Glen Helen Raceway where a motocross course replete with woops, berms and even a water hazard await what’s left of their vehicles. The car that completes the most laps wins, with an added degree of difficulty: Their engine oil will be drained before the start.

To the winner, the spoils – they get to head to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home of the US Army’s highly-decorated 101st Airborne Division. A host will take on the Screaming Eagles’ full might in an SUV with tremendous military heritage: The Mercedes G-wagon.

Although it’s served in over 60 armed forces around the world, it’s best known for ferrying petite housewives around Beverly Hills, often in AMG livery. Is there still enough military DNA left to take on a shadow drone, two Kiowa choppers, two Blackhawks, a couple M-ATV armored trucks and 28 infantry troops? 563 turbocharged horsepower will certainly help…

The 2nd combat brigade is tasked with taking our host alive; they claim to be “discriminately lethal,” so perhaps our host will survive the afternoon. 12 miles and a lot of firepower stand between the G63 and freedom - can the AMG make it?

To find out, you’ll have to tune in to the History channel this Tuesday at 9/8 central. You can see older episodes on the History Channel Top Gear site  and get breaking news on the Top Gear USA Facebook page. Let us know what you think!

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