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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Audi A8

Overall verdict
All-encompassing brilliance without being remotely exciting. S8 is all about speed.


As lovely to drive as to be driven in


Doesn't have as much lounging space as the S-Class


What is it?

It’s the biggest and best Audi can do. Or at least, it’s the best Audi is allowed to do, lest it step on the toes of more exuberant saloons in the VW Group hierarchy. Bill and Marjorie over the road will think you’ve just bought an A4 like theirs – but inside the A8 is a world apart. As you’d expect, it’s a banquet of German sumptuousness and technology. The Mercedes S-Class is ultimately more indulgent, yes, but for technological accomplishment, few match an A8. 

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